Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Christmas Eve at Light For Life!


Just a quick note to let you know about our Christmas Eve (12/24/13) service here at Light for Life (3820 S. Ferdinand St, Suite #102, Seattle WA 98118).    The service will be preceded by carol singing starting at 4 pm.  Afterward, our actual worship service (featuring candlelight) will start at 5pm.

We will celebrate the Lord's coming to (in the words of Zechariah) "give light to those who sit in darkness and in the shadow of death, and to guide us to the path of peace."  (Luke 1: 79)


Sunday, September 1, 2013

September/October LFL Board Update


For the next two months, in place of our regular installment of the newsletter (and in the name of keeping the membership more in touch with the business of the church while our web presence is being overhauled), we share the following from the most recent Board minutes as our September/October Report -  Yours, Ethan

Pastor’s Report (Ethan)
·      The Rainier Beach Story Guild (part of the youth violence prevention initiative, as well as the Rainier Beach Community Empowerment Coalition) is meeting in the church 3 times a week and going well
o   A group of 8 youth with a mentor, meeting to train to tell their own story in order to train them to reach out and interview members of the community
o   They will pay a fixed fee of $1,000 for the 12 week course
·      Pastor is pleased with worship attendance and participation heading in to the Fall
·      Looking forward to the launch of "Seven Practices of Peace" on the 22nd
·      Looking forward to the Outreach Team mtg next Wednesday (18th) at Hunter and Lea Cole's where we will discuss community involvement opportunities, plan upcoming service projects, and begin deliberations about the Sound Recording Project

Treasurer’s Report (Mandela)
· Budget discussion with GC regarding long-term financial plan
·      Rainier Beach Story Guild revenue will offset the lost revenue from Valley & Mountain leaving
·      Young Adults travel fund has been dispersed down to $150
·      Clarification given that utilities are being billed directly based on usage, rather than rolled into the Triple Net bill.
·      Triple Net Includes
o   Rent, property tax, fire alarm, phone line, water, sewer, maintenance, exterior lighting, property insurance
·      Discussion of presenting a bucket number to the General Church for a total sum for the full 5-7 year grant.  This would provide a firm number, and limit the year-to-year discussion that takes a lot of time and coordination.
o   Several models suggested—fixed bucket for total years, fixed amount for each year, negotiated amount each year.

Old Business
· Review previous meeting action items
·      Check on triple net.
    Rental Policy
o   MOTION: Garrett Moved to approve addition to rental policy (specifying each renter's responsibilty to provide their own supplies); Josh Seconded
§  All in favor, no abstentions
·      Digital Content
o   Will Righetti has become heavily involved in managing digital content and helping with the newsletter.
o   Plan to invite Will to next Board meeting to present on work.
·      Clergy Survey on update to GC health benefits.
o   Administration was not supportive of distributing the survey with concerns over wording of the questions and the fact that it would be issued from a Clergy member instead of HR.
o   Thayer plans on bringing it up to the GC board.
§  Discussion about the wording of the survey, the goal behind the survey and the best venue for gathering experiences.
· Clarification on Board’s position re: Mary’s Place.
·      Ethan would like a codified statement about what we are willing to provide/support with Mary’s Place and what we are not.
o   Light For Life is happy to provide volunteers for meals and potential overnights at other locations.
o   We are not able to provide overnight accommodation at our location.
§  MOTION: Thayer moves to approve as specified in the above two bullet points; Trina seconded
·      All in favor, no abstentions
· Stewardship committee
·      Discussion of what a stewardship community would do.
o   Recognize needs of Church and work to support these needs with current assets and pursuit of other financial support.
o   Should be made up of board members and non-board congregation members.
o   Mandela, Josh, Lauren and Nathan are already in discussion to look into advertising the space for rental.
o   Once this action is completed, we could advertise this to the rest of the congregation as an example of what the committee does, and ask for additional participation.
o    Making use of our space and talents to generate assets for the church.
§  Questions about whether we need to establish a group of potential staffers who would be available before we find renters.